If you purchase at buycounterfeitdoc.com, you first need to know our payment procedure before ordering any product from our website.

•    Our website provides a fine combination of payment sources that allow direct bank transfers and payments from all primary measures.
•    We receive your payment through Bitcoin (crypto), Western Union, PayPal, Cash App, Gift card, and Venmo Zelle. You can choose any method to make the payment that is easily accessible to you.
•    In equipping payment card details, you have to confirm that you are permitted to use the card and permit our payment service provider or us to accept payment in full for the items you order. Moreover, fill in the relevant information regarding the payment for making your payment.
•    After completing the details, enter the developed ‘’captcha’’ and click ‘’Submit’’. This process will probably lead you to the Payment options.
•    In the payment gateway, you will be required to select ‘’Card Payment’’ or ‘’Other Payment Modes’’. The banking payment modes will proceed in the standard way. They also mention the bank charges for each method of payment therein. In this way, you can make your payment successfully.

Furthermore, we are an authorized entity and respect our clients’ privacy. We don’t share your preserved account details or other information with anyone. We understand that making the payment is critical, so you can be sure the payment you make will process quickly and securely at our website.