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Visiting New Zealand? From rainforests, rolling hills and blissful beaches to the friendly locals and temperate climate, the Pacific Ocean islands are perfect if you want a getaway with a difference. Home to the iconic filming locations of the Lord of the Rings trilogy, you can even live a day in the life of a hobbit and explore Middle Earth while you’re there.

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  • Buy online and collect from a bureau – Busy packing before your trip? You can order your NZ dollars online with our Click & Collect service. Then, you can collect your money from one of our bureaux de change and it’ll be counted and packed, ready for you to take away. Includes Same Day Click & Collect.

You’ll need to bring your photographic ID when you buy your New Zealand dollars in store. If you have used our Click & Collect service, you will need to bring the payment card and photographic ID used to place an order. We’ll accept a passport, English language photocard driving license, a UK provisional driving license, European Economic Area (EEA) or Swiss national identity card (excluding Romanian and Greek national identity cards).

We sell the following New Zealand dollar denominations (subject to availability):
$5, $10, $20, $50 and $100

New Zealand currency exchange rate

The exchange rate can vary – it all depends on which day you purchase your travel money. Find today’s New Zealand dollar exchange rate here, or use our online currency converter to see how much you could get for your pound.

How to sell back New Zealand dollars

It can feel like a bonus when you return home from a trip with some spare currency. If you didn’t spend all your New Zealand dollars, we can buy the money back off you when you’re home, saving you from last-minute impulse spending!

  • In store – Just pop into one of our bureaux de change and we’ll buy back the notes you didn’t spend.

We’ll refund your currency at the buy-back rate available that day. Find out more about how to change back your New Zealand dollars here.

And it’s not just New Zealand dollars we can provide. M&S Travel Money offers many currencies at competitive rates. Remember to buy your travel money and travel insurance policy from M&S Bank next time you head abroad.

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